About Us

Several years ago while trying to help my daughter and other young women find modest clothing I organized a local fashion show that catered to those who were looking for dresses that had sleeves. This first show was successful, so I organized another and it made me realize that we could fill a great need for young women and brides in Southern California.  No longer would they have to drive all over the state trying to find the dress of their dreams; one that was elegant, beautiful, stylish and modest, especially for those who needed them for religious ceremonies.  

What a wonderful experience this has been for me!  I love working with the brides-to-be that I meet, getting to know them and helping them make their special day extra special.

Young women who desire modesty shouldn’t have to sacrifice time, money or style, and I hope to help every customer that comes my way find the dress of their dreams.

I have been running a boutique style store specializing in gowns and formals with sleeves from various designers out of my home for the past seven years now, and I have been an accomplished seamstress for much longer. I used to make my own clothing during my high school years in fact. I am well acquainted with the styles I have available, and I take pride in having helped hundreds of girls find the perfect formal dress or wedding gown.
I love what I do, and I look forward to helping you find exactly what you are looking for.

Thank you for your business,

Donna Anderson

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