Measurement Model

Please use our helpful chart and model below to determine sizes. Keep in mind, different designer sizes vary slightly from those shown. Do not measure yourself, have someone else do this for accuracy:




Hold the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust underneath the arms, but not underneath your bust.


Standing, measure at the narrowest point or at the midway point between the top of the hip bone and the boom of the rib cage, usually 2 inches above your bellybutton.


Standing with your feet together, measure around the fullest part of your hips, even if that is at a point so low that you are almost at the top of your thighs.


This measurement refers to the distance between the hollow of your collar-bone to the floor.

Please take consideration that the fullness of the skirt and the height of your shoes may affect this measurement.



Standard measurements for most gowns and dresses, may vary slightly depending upon the company.

Measurements Sizing Chart

Click here for a pdf version of the Sizing Chart that you can print out and keep as a reference.

If you don't have Adobe Reader, you can download a free version here:

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